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Let us design and build your eco / tiny home (on wheels or a foundation) in our well equipped indoor facility. Our eco modular homes are just under 500 sq. ft., green, sustainable and very energy efficient. Call to reserve your design and manufacturing slot today.

Benefits of living small

Owners of tiny homes live small so they have money anytime to spend on the things that are important in their lives. And living small doesn't mean roughing it as our models are designed with efficiency and luxury in mind

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Tiny home economics

Tiny homes cost a fraction of traditional homes to build and even less to operate. Build your tiny home with a minimum down payment and your mortgage can be less than $200 per month. Call today for details.

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Built with Innovation

We build with innovation to create homes that are strong, green, and very energy efficient. Leveraging SIP panel construction and chemical free interiors make a sprout home a healthy and smart choice.

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Sprout TV interview

Contact us today and find out why owning a Sprout Tiny home will invigorate your outlook!

We were searching for a manufactured tiny home and selected Sprout because of their innovative designs and chemical free interiors.