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Did you know? . . . and STUFF!

We had a great visit with Southeast Colorado area CSU Extension Agents yesterday!(September 15, 2015) Tiny homes are the future for affordable housing across the US and those ladies had lots of questions and comments about that! In response, I thought I’d share some tiny house information.

This infographic from THETINYLIFE.COM is a few years old, but still fits.  We thank them for the hours of research they put into compiling this information.

Did you know:Tiny house stats

  • House size in 1973 averaged 1500 square feet and family size was about 3.5 people?
  • House size in 2013 had grown to an average of 2600 square feet and family size had dropped to about 2.5 people?
  • The demographic of folks considering going “tiny” is the 20-something student or new graduate who is not, and does not want to be, held hostage by a bunch of “stuff.”
  • At the other end of the spectrum is the 50-something looking at retirement and wanting to shed themselves of the “stuff” that is holding them back from living as they wish.


I know some may object to the use of the word “STUFF” but it just encompasses the multitude of reasons people decide to simplify and minimalize their living spaces so that they can spend MORE of their time visiting with friends and family, volunteering, experiencing the outdoors, and enjoying their hobbies and LESS of their time cleaning, organizing, maintaining,  storing, and worrying.



Affordable housing in resort-type cities is minimal, if not non-existent. Just imagine what an impact a tiny home community could have on the lives of people who work in these cities, if they are able to live minimally and within walking or biking distance of their workplace.

Just imagine . . .Reservation map and phases



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