Sprout is offering a fresh new approach for developers to bring to life tiny home / affordable housing and workforce housing communities.

The old fashioned approach of site built / stick built AFFORDABLE housing communities and / or workforce housing solutions doesn’t work anymore.

Let Sprout show you how affordable /  tiny home communities offer affordability with modern living designs, non-toxic interiors and net zero energy options that re-define the future of housing.


Let Sprout assist you in developing an affordable housing community with a unique set of consulting services to assist with:

  • Innovative site planning
  • Working with challenging land use and zoning codes
  • Horizontal infrastructure that can reduce tap fees and other expenses
  • Net zero energy home options
  • Innovative HVAC designs for extreme weather conditions
  • State of the art air quality systems
  • Financial and marketing models that help attract buyers
  • Proven employee housing solutions
  • Housing for disabled / living in place residents

To engage with Sprout to create the future of housing, please complete the following questions:


Sprout Tiny Homes
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45825 Highway 96 E
Building 583E
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