SproutPak grew into an Aspen model in 9 hours over the 3 day Jamboree

Colorado Springs, CO — August 14, 2015 — Nearly 50,000 attendees witnessed the birth of an Aspen model from a SproutPak – Sprouts latest DIY kit.  IMG_4664In only 9 hours over the 3 day Jamboree, a team of 4 Sproutologists built an Aspen Model as onlookers watched with amazement on how easy the tiny home became a dominating profile over the skyline.  Attendees from all 50 states and different countries converged on Colorado Springs August 7th-9th to see the latest tiny home designs and DIY options to build or buy a high quality tiny home.

Sprout had continuous lines of people waiting to see its two finished Aspen models with chemical free interiors and innovative floor plans. The SproutPak option affords the do it yourself customer to begin with a high quality structure that they can finish both the exterior and interior living space.  “We heard some great ideas from ambitious DIY customers including a young woman wanting to use barn wood from her grandfathers barn that was weathering away.  What a great way to repurpose materials that may have sentimental value which can live on in a tiny home, said Rod Stambaugh, Chief Sproutologist of Sprout Tiny Homes.”

Sprout is planning to offer weekend builds in the fall. The weekend build will be focused around a buyer that can invite his or her friends to participate in the build.  The build event will have an educational and entertainment component for builders and attendees.  Check out the Sprout web site for the first build event or contact us directly to schedule a build event.

About Sprout Tiny Homes

Sprout Tiny Homes is a leading designer, manufacturer and developer of tiny homes and affordable live-work communities. Sprout homes are built with structural insulated panels (“SIP’s”) resulting in stronger, greener and straighter homes that are highly energy efficient and feature chemical free interiors to encourage healthy living lifestyles.  Using sustainable building materials where possible and pushing the boundaries of design and energy efficiency are key attributes of Sprout homes. We manufacture tiny homes on wheels up to 290 sq. ft. and homes that are secured to traditional foundations with up to 760 sq ft of living space.  Our 14,000 sq. ft. production facility is located in La Junta, Colorado.  We pride ourselves on being able to deliver high quality tiny homes in volume.